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Year 6 Leavers

Academic Success

The children at DESS achieve academic results which are significantly above those demonstrated in the UK national average statistics and our sporting and music achievements are outstanding.  Students at the end of Year 6 leave DESS are well prepared for international schools, UK independent schools, grammar schools and local schools they then go on to attend.

2016 Year 6 Leaver Destinations :

Year 6 Leaver Destinations

Cheltenham Ladies College (U.K.) 1 Greenacre Schools for Girls (U.K.) 1
Dunnottar School (U.K.) 1 Bernard Castle School (U.K.) 1
Bristol Grammar School (U.K.) 1 Dulwich Preparatory School (U.K.) 1
The Emmbrook School (U.K.) 1 Dubai English Speaking School (U.A.E.) 1
Doha College (Qatar) 15 Parkhouse English School (Qatar) 2
Sherborne (Qatar) 31 The International School of Choueifat (U.A.E.) 1
Compass International School (Qatar) 1 Discovery Bay International School (Hong Kong) 1
Doha British School (Qatar) 5 Hilbre High School (U.K.) 1


Year 6 Pupil Testimonials

Anna – leaving to attend Cheltenham Ladies College (U.K.)
‘I’ve had an amazing time at DESS and having been here since Year 3, I have made lots of valuable friends during my time here.  I especially enjoy D.T., Maths and P.E. because the wonderful teachers make it such fun.  Furthermore, the Victorian Day was a remarkable experience due to the awesome costumes and extremely Victorian lessons!  In Year 6 I have had the privilege to go on two brilliant trips : North Star (where we did lots of adventurous activities) and the ski trip (an adventure to Prato Nevoso, Italy).  Not to mention, we have won the BSME Games three times in a row and DESS also takes part in lots of sporting events including the QPPSSA competitions.  DESS is a really magnificent school and I will carry many beautiful memories away with me’.

Amelie  – leaving to attend Dunnotar School (U.K.)
‘I have been at DESS for four academic years and have enjoyed every second.  Excitingly, my favourite subjects would have to be P.E., Swimming, Art and History because they are interesting and fun!  My favourite trips were the ski trip and North Star.  I liked them because we got to try new activities and share rooms with our friends.  Some of my achievements were getting a level 5C in writing and level 5’s in most other subjects.  Next year I will be attending Dunnotar in the U.K. for Year 7.  I will treasure all my memories forever’.

Hannah – leaving to attend Doha College (Qatar)
‘DESS is an amazing school, everyone is very friendly and kind.  I got into Doha College because of DESS, mainly the way the teachers teach and how kind they are if you have a question (you can ask them anything!).  I have got so many memories like: getting ‘Star of The Week’ to all of the amazing trips.  Computing is my favourite subject in school because it is fun and challenging.  I have many achievements in learning.  In Year 4 I joined DESS and have loved it since, with all of the dress-up days such as Victorian Day, Tudor Day and Egyptian Day.  We also have Pizza Day and ice lolly sales after school’.

Hamza – leaving to attend Sherborne (Qatar)
‘In DESS I have achieved so much, such as gaining a speaking part in our school production.  Subjects that I enjoyed are Maths and D.T. as they help me to solve problems and make things.  A fabulous day has got to be ‘Mountain Day’ because we got to camp at school and then visited the Corniche.  North Star is my favourite trip because it improved my leadership as we did so many activities.  I did Badminton as an extra-curricular activity and I also got into the QPPSSA team for basketball.  I will be going to Sherborne for secondary, it is a good school and I will take away memories of every day at DESS because it is so much fun!’