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Our Role
Provide basic care to injured/unwell children.
Offer health advice and guidance.
Oversee the care of children with complex medical needs with the collaboration of the child and parents.
Educate children about health and hygiene matters
Ensure that the Nurse's room is well stocked and clean.
Adhere to the guidelines and policies of the Supreme Council of Health, Qatar.
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Nurse Mary and Nurse Sarah

The Nurse's room
What a busy place it is! This is where you will find us. If we are not there please ask one of the office staff to locate us. In the Nurse's room you will find a comfy bed, well stocked cupboards with medicines and first aid treatments, an oxygen cylinder and an AED machine (defibrillator).
Important information
Children should not be carrying any medication on their person in the school day. If your child should require any medication then please visit me with your child in the morning before class begins or send a letter with your child if you do not take them to school.
At times when you cannot be reached and your child is unwell we may need to give simple medication such as paracetamol and Ibuprofen. We will however, try and contact you first to discuss the treatment.
If your child cannot attend PE or swimming lessons then a note should be provided. Generally we encourage all children to participate in physical activity wherever possible but also understand that there may be reasons your child cannot participate. If your child does not have a note and you cannot be contacted, your child will participate in PE/swimming. However, if your child is too unwell to fully participate then they should be resting at home.
Head Injury
More often than not a head injury, although distressing for the child, is usually minor and causes only short term symptoms. If your child does bump their head at school then we will contact you. You will find a letter in your child's bag at the end of the day with important information about head injuries. Please check your child’s book bag for any medical notes.
All policies and guidelines can be viewed in our Health and Safety Manual under the Policies section of this website. 
Contact Information
Our hours of work are 7am until 2pm.
If you wish to see us personally you can call into the Nurse's room between 7am until 2pm. You can call us directly on 44592751 or e-mail  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it