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Dance Club

At this club we offer four different professional dance styles to children :


Ballet is the core of dancing. It has many benefits including building stamina, strength, musicality and posture and is great for children to have fun whilst learning this dance technique.


This class will include jazz technique, basic gymnastics and stretching. We will be visiting all different styles of jazz from Bob Fosse style to lyrical during these classes.


In tap we will learn the tap technique. This class will help children to build upon musicality, memory, posture and much more! We will be learning different tap routines to build upon the children’s knowledge of this dancing technique. We will visit different styles from jazz tap dance to hip hop tap dance.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a chance for children to express themselves in a relaxed environment. We will be visiting different styles of hip hop such as funky hip hop, commercial hip hop, Michael Jackson hip hop and many more!


Hip Hop (11 weeks): QAR725 for 45 minute session and QAR775 for 60 minute session.
Ballet (10 weeks): QAR550 for 30 minute session and QAR600 for 45 minute session.
Jazz and Tap (10 weeks): QAR650 for 45 minute session and 50 minute session.
All prices are per term.


Sundays/Tuesdays/Wednesdays (from week commencing 24th September)


Sunday: Hip Hop ages 4-6 14:15-15:00, Hip Hop ages 7-8 15:00-16:00, Hip Hop ages 9+ 16:00-17:00
Tuesday: Ballet ages 4-6 15:30-16:00, Ballet ages 7+ 16:00-16:45
Wednesday: Jazz and Tap ages 4-6 14:15-15:00, Jazz & Tap ages 7+ 15:00-15:50


Small Gym


Sophie McDonald
Telephone: 5540 0419
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it