• Doha English Speaking School (DESS) is one of the oldest British schools in Doha
  • Doha English Speaking School (DESS) is one of the oldest British schools in Doha
  • Doha English Speaking School (DESS) is one of the oldest British schools in Doha
  • Doha English Speaking School (DESS) is one of the oldest British schools in Doha
  • Doha English Speaking School (DESS) is one of the oldest British schools in Doha
  • Doha English Speaking School (DESS) is one of the oldest British schools in Doha

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Our Staff

DESS enjoys the support of a highly effective group of friendly, motivated and well-qualified team of professionals. Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Administration and Caretaking staff cooperate as one team to deliver the DESS vision. Sean Sibley (Headteacher), Charlotte Molloy (Deputy Headteacher), Ashrafa Mohmed (Assistant Headteacher) and Neil Macfarlane (Business Manager) work closely with the School Leadership Team (SLT) and other teams to consider and oversee school development to ensure that DESS continues as a best in class British primary school in Qatar.

The majority of our teachers have UK recognised teaching qualifications and have all taught in 'English National Curriculum' schools prior to working at DESS. Teachers and Teaching Assistants continuously develop their skills by entering into programmes of professional development thus keeping abreast of all educational developments in the UK.

These talented people make DESS the happy and thriving place that it is.

Administration Staff
Admin22016 Mr Sean Sibley (Headteacher); Mrs Rhiannon O'Neill (Marketing Manager); Mrs Nicola Murray (Health and Safety Officer); Mrs Mary Barclay (School Nurse); Mrs Sarah May (School Nurse); Ms Ashrafa Mohmed (Assistant Headteacher)
Mrs Fiona Younger (Finance Manager); Mrs Deborah Horn (Procurement Officer); Mrs Charlotte Molloy (Deputy Headteacher): Mrs Lara Kirkpatrick (Registrar); Mrs Dima Saleh (MOE Coordinator); Mrs Claire Smith (General Secretary); Mr Neil Macfarlane (Business Manager); Mrs Susan Macfarlane (Clerical Assistant): Mrs Claire Taylor (Finance Assistant)

Learning Support Staff
LearningSupport16 Mrs Edie Schwartz (Learning Support Teaching Assistant); Mrs Yvonne Hayes (Learning Support Teacher);  Mrs Emma Hayles (Learning Support Teaching Assistant); Miss Elaine Wills (Head of Learning Support);  Mrs Sandra Bettit (Learning Support Teacher); Mrs Fehmida Patel (Teaching Assistant);  Mrs Fiona Murphy (Learning Support Teacher)
Foundation Stage 1 Staff

Mrs Elaine Osbaldstone (FS1 Teaching Assistant); Mrs Tonia Mullins (FS1 Teaching Assistant); Miss Shereen Hassan (FS1 Class Teacher); Mrs Kylie Saunders (FS1 Class Teacher); Miss Amy Jones (Group Leader & FS1 Class Teacher); Mrs Amie Morris (FS1 Teaching Assistant); Mrs Mandy Coombe (FS1 Teaching Assistant)

Foundation Stage 2 Staff

Mrs Agata Thompson (FS2 Teaching Assistant); Miss Fowzia Mohamed (FS2 Teacher); Mrs Tamsin Gallagher (FS2 Teaching Assistant); Mrs Morag Emam (FS2 Teacher); Mrs Siobhan Cronin (FS2 Teacher); Mrs Sasha Ristic (FS2 Teaching Assistant); Ms Liz Holloway (Phase Leader and FS2 Teacher); Mrs Tracy Frame (FS2 Teaching Assistant)

Year 1 Staff

Mr John Gee (Group Leader and 1A Teacher); Mrs Suzanne Levine (1C Teaching Assistant); Mrs Emma Kaviani (1B Teacher); Mrs Emma Glazebrook (1A Teaching Assistant); Mrs Emma Payne (1B Teaching Assistant); Mrs Nicola Findlay (1D Teacher); Mr Adam Ridealgh (Teaching Assistant); Miss Sarah Harper (1C Teacher)

Year 116
Year 2 Staff

Mrs Janet McCoy (2A Teaching Assistant); Miss Hayley Saxon (2B Teacher); Mr Sam Wigg (2C Teacher);
Miss Colette Forrest (Phase Leader and 2A Teacher);
Miss Tracey Flanaghan (2D Teacher)

Year 3 Staff
Mrs Lucy Robinson (Teaching Assistant); Mrs Mary Sharpe (Teaching Assistant); Mrs Emma Bull (3C Teacher); Miss Emma Cywinski (3D Teacher); Miss Kate Bee (Group Leader and 3B Teacher); Mrs Melinda Craig (3A Teacher)

Year 4 Staff
Year416 Mrs Margaret Seymour (4B Teacher); Mrs Jill Christie (Teaching Assistant); Mrs Nicola Allen (4C Teacher); Mrs Nadia Eneser (Teaching Assistant); Mrs Sally-Ann Smith (4D Teacher); Mrs Kathy Rangeley (Phase Leader and 4A Teacher)
Year 5 Staff
Miss Holly Williams (5A Teacher); Mrs Louise Williams (Teaching Assistant); Mr Joe Hull (5C Teacher); Miss Lara Buck (5B Teacher); Mr Aaron Bradley (Group Leader and 5D Teacher); Mr Hugh Molloy (Teaching Assistant) 

Year 5 cropped
Year 6 Staff

Mrs Amisha Thakrar (Teaching Assistant); Mr Michael McHugh (6A); Miss Catherine Francis (Phase Leader and 6C Teacher); Mrs Mikyla Hull (6B Teacher)

Music Department
Mrs Carry Handy (Music Teacher); Miss Julie Chapman (Head of Music Department); Mrs Lou Copeland (Music Teaching Assistant) Music2016
Language Department
Languages16 Mrs Rola Zheim (Head of Arabic); Mrs Carry Handy (Year 5 and Year 6 French Teacher); Salwa Abusalih (Arabic Teacher);
PE Staff
Mr Neal Gough (Head of PE); Mr Matthew Richards (PE Teaching Assistant); Mrs Sammie Lyon (PE Teacher); Mrs Helen Dickson (PE Administrator) PEStaff2016
Library Staff
Library16 Mrs Helen Swindell (Library Assistant); Mrs Joanne Kelley-Quinn (Library Assistant); Mrs Julie Ann Flanigan (Head of Library)
Caretaking Staff

Veeren (Caretaking Assistant), Salahudeen (Head Gardener), Mohamed (Gardener), Khayyoom (Head Caretaker), Uneedu (Driver), Jaleel (Caretaking Assistant); Ismail (Caretaking Assistant)

Maintenance Staff
Rumailah Albert Olaguir; Raul Agapay (Foreman); Rogelio Garcia; Anthony Chavenia; Peter Cabudol; Rommel Bustamante
Security Staff

Seated:  Hashim Musa (Day Shift Guard), Nouah Abdul (Day Shift supervisor), Abdela Roba (Day Shift Guard), Siraj Roba (Night Shift Guard)

Standing:  Morris Ouma (Night Shift Guard), Onesmas Kiilu (Night Shift Supervisor), Edward Owuor (Day Shift Guard), Ahmed Tartib (Day Shift Guard), Kedir Gena (Day Shift Guard), George William Sabkie (Day Shift Guard)

Security Staff 16